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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Sky Tsunami : Issue 12!

A tsunami falls from the sky, one drop at a time. Over the mountain pass are crayon earth and Kandinsky hills and Mohawk rims and blue basins and stone cats and galactic rocks and golden plants. Someone cries out: vocation, vocation, a kingdom for my vocation. While another whispers, all great loves will to some extent be stumbled upon.

We are always dreaming, dreaming, dreaming.

Try these existential recipes! Toss together men and women sharing a bathroom while an elderly woman collects a toll. Stir in a “crazy person from the wrong side of the tracks” who becomes a circus ringmaster. Watch as stones transform into stars. The doctor is: IN. Dreams. Daydreams. Night terrors. A stranger tells a woman that he has just seen a guy walk by wearing the same blue sundress that she is wearing. 

What was he dreaming…?

Go to Issue 12!  Just out. Quite possibly the biggest one yet...

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