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Saturday, August 30, 2014


We can talk about the weather—but what does the weather say about us?

We can track the forecasts, eyeballing the weather askance as any animal might keep tabs on a neighboring predator. A hail of umbrellas sailing up and down a city street. Shadows that will not explain themselves. A thunder god striking out with a bolt of anger. Thermometers, barometers, and the weatherman, the resulting divination and their sums posted and printed and explained in every possible media.

We can talk about the weather. Whether we stay together, whether we drift apart. A pocket of air becomes a roller coaster becomes a death becomes a career. A modern monster blows in and out, turned out in a grey suit and leather oxfords. Houseplants have gone rogue in lush rainforests, gaining impossible circumference in heavy rains.

Given the right weather, we all threaten to grow in impossible directions.

 Come see what the forecast is like in Folks Press Issue 13: The Weather Issue!

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Featuring All Weeklies!
Just out...

The Folks Press Weekly is an impression of things, large and small, happening in the world, on a weekly basis.

For instance, a camera points at two dogs lounging on a sidewalk. The dogs respond, taking positions. And they strike a pose. Which begs the question: what do dogs know about cameras? More than we think, apparently. Albeit they think about it like a dog.

Worlds are right in front of us, brushing shoulders, absolutely anywhere. Just because we don’t notice something doesn’t mean it isn’t there.

"For me, this is a landmark issue, perhaps the landmark issue. This is the first issue since the redesign, hell, since I started, where I've been able to play media mogul."

Arthur Chang, Folks Press Chief Publishing Officer, has picked out his favorite Weeklies and performed magic to make a one of a kind FP issue! 

Arthur's Folks Press Issue 12.5!

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Crayon earth and Kandinsky hills and Mohawk rims and blue basins and stone cats
and galactic rocks and golden plants. Rock collectors dreaming. Hotel owners horse talking.
Waitress geologists chatting up the murder. Unkempt fellows drifting in and out.
And a last shooting star.

Feature stories every 2 months

It's like a tsunami of ugly.
Blöckenstöck Block : QUIPS

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Sky Tsunami : Issue 12!

A tsunami falls from the sky, one drop at a time. Over the mountain pass are crayon earth and Kandinsky hills and Mohawk rims and blue basins and stone cats and galactic rocks and golden plants. Someone cries out: vocation, vocation, a kingdom for my vocation. While another whispers, all great loves will to some extent be stumbled upon.

We are always dreaming, dreaming, dreaming.

Try these existential recipes! Toss together men and women sharing a bathroom while an elderly woman collects a toll. Stir in a “crazy person from the wrong side of the tracks” who becomes a circus ringmaster. Watch as stones transform into stars. The doctor is: IN. Dreams. Daydreams. Night terrors. A stranger tells a woman that he has just seen a guy walk by wearing the same blue sundress that she is wearing. 

What was he dreaming…?

Go to Issue 12!  Just out. Quite possibly the biggest one yet...

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Tangerine Mesa

An art deco funeral parlor from the 1940s becomes a mortgage company. One business deals in mort, the other in mortgage. A grey suited bank becomes a dance club. The club sells booze and the bank sells money, while both have rooms for smoking cigars. A car repair shop in a lofty garage becomes a furniture store. Changing oil steps aside for changing sheets. A movie theater becomes a drug store. Both sold pain relief, M&Ms, and popcorn.

Every day, it’s underneath our feet. Rock and sediment pile atop each other, spiky shale atop crumbling sandstone, sandstone atop conglomerate rock. Once there was an ocean and eerie fish and now there is a desert and mesas lit by a tangerine sunlight. Once Idaho was a coastline, now it’s an inland.

It’s above us. We stand in weather, the clouds roil and the rain falls. Above that, ultraviolet rays absorbed and silver airplanes fly. Above that, reigns the cold. And above that, air thins, astronauts float, and atoms drift into space.

The world is layers.
...Take a look at the layers in Folks Press #11.