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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Folks Press has remodeled everything, top to bottom. Zounds!

Browse the new bookshelf. Every issue spine is on display, past to present. Check. Breeze from story to story, left to right across our new super snappy pages. Check. We're beaming the signal, locating that vibe of a new Folks Press. Check.

Swing by the Weekly communiqué. It’s brand new. The Weekly presents in one location all the most current short films, blogs, and specials. Every week! That includes the old features, such as Proud Owner and 32 Seconds. And the new, such as B-Roll and Quips and Please Call, which are the briefest animation, the latest in street talk, and myriad lost things.


We did this to make Folks Press simple and beautiful. We did this to make things easy to find. We did this because it’s fun.

Welcome to the Archeology of Living People!
—Folks Press

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