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Monday, May 6, 2013

New Stuff

Esteemed Readers—
There’s the raw. And there’s the cooked. Between those two the appetite turns. We’ve been cookin’ stories. We’re now dishin’ up the raw. The uncooked. Folks Press is fully the raw and the cooked. ‘Cause we’re on the case, see.

Introducing Folkspress Unplugged! Where we publish the uncooked story. 
32 Seconds
Fastest story in the West.
We grab folks right where they are, point a camera, and they go after it! Watch peeps tell a story in under a minute. The clock is ticking….
From The Editor’s Desk
Diamonds in the rough.
We’re digging though the FP wastebasket for whatever stories, photos, and illustrations that never got published. But still have somethin’ goin’ on. Who knows why they didn’t make it. Maybe… the subject fell off the earth. But like love that lingers well after, there is still something there. And we’re gonna publish it.

While you’re at it, enjoy the fully seasoned features of Issue 6. There’s Mystery Train, HO scale romancing engineers. There’s Sea Change, Rich and Strange, a desperate beachcoming. There’s I’m Into Scenes, Man, musing on the problem of the muse: painting and love, painting and people. There’s Featured Attraction, a collection of lawn art so unlike the gnome. And there’s Opposite Day, a press conference that delivers.
Here comes the new stuff. Enjooooooy!
Colin and Arthur
Chief Story and Publishing Officers

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